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My Books lets you can monitor books for sale, requests to buy and the book watch list. Click the help icon - - next to a service for more information on that service.

You have books for sale, book requests, and watches.

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- This book/request is still active
- This book/request will expire soon. During this period you can renew your action.
- This book/request has expired. If you do not renew immediately, your action will be lost.
- This book/request has been removed by user. You can renew to make it active.
- Remove Request/Book - Remove Not Available
- Renew Request/Book - Renew Not Available
- View list of Buyers - View list of Buyers Not Available
- New Buyer - Search Matches
- Edit Book - Edit Not Available
- Request Seen by Seller - Request Not Yet Seen by Seller

Expired and Removed Items will be removed from your list after a period of 5 days.

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