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Advertising successfully with and increase your sales!

We can offer the following advertising opportunities on website:


Box Advert

Type - Picture (can be animated in gif or flash) on the left.
Size - 163 x 140 pixels
Link to Website - Yes
Occupancy on - All pages
Valid Period – 3 months
Price - Lm30 for 3 months


Sponsor Search Results

Type – Text
Link to Website - Yes
Occupancy on – All search results (header search, Advanced Search & Watch)
Valid Period – 3 months
Price - Lm15 for 3 months


Sponsor a Category (including all its subcategories and all books within)

Type – Text
Link to Website - Yes
Occupancy on – 1 Category and all its subcategories and books
Valid Period – 3 months
Price - Lm10 for 3 months


Placing books for sale

Are you a book shop, seller, or publisher? Would you like to use as an alternative channel to market your books?

First month - free of charge.

Option 1 - fixed price per month to be negotiated – for each 100 books (pre-payment)

Option 2 – price per request made to a book – unlimited books (post-payment). Lm5 set-up fee.

Both Option 1 and Option 2 includes the sending of a customized email to each user requesting any of your books.

We will be glad to discuss your requirements and design a package accordingly!


- Occupancy in this context refers to how frequently a given advert is diplayed in a page or set of pages.

- All artwork is to be supplied. We can design adverts at an additional charge. Please ask.

- Discounting will be applied on annual purchases.

- Preference is given to existing advertisers. When a location becomes free from previous advertisers.

- Rates may be revised between each period.

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